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6 Rags-to-Riches Millionaires
By Kiplinger | Power Your Future – Mon, Nov 21, 2011 12:42 PM EST

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by Andrea N. Browne, John Miley, Susannah Snider and Michael Stratford

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kerja KERAS,

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komunikasi antar orang secara KERAS,

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From Oprah Winfrey to Steve Jobs to J.K. Rowling, entrepreneurial success stories are the stuff from which American dreams are made. Much like these famous names, the six self-made millionaires we’re profiling have one thing in common: Thanks to hard work, determination and sound advice from mentors, friends and family, they’ve been able to build thriving businesses from the ground up.

The rise to the top can be bumpy. In fact, some of the entrepreneurs we talked to were homeless during the early years of their companies. That’s why they all agree that it’s important to help others in need. All, including Radio One’s Catherine L. Hughes and Life is good co-founder Bert Jacobs, give back to the community by volunteering time, donating to charitable organizations or running their own charities.

Learn how these six diverse entrepreneurs — from a t-shirt designer to a media mogul — turned meager beginnings into multimillion-dollar success and what advice they offer to budding business tycoons who hope to follow in their footsteps.

Catherine L. Hughes

Courtesy of Radio One

Courtesy of Radio One

Age: 64

Occupation: Founder and chairperson, Radio One

Advice to young entrepreneurs: “Sometimes the ones who love you the most will give you the worst business advice.”

By conventional standards, Hughes wasn’t destined to build a successful multimillion-dollar media company. She was a teen mom by 16 and a high-school dropout. However, she later completed high school, followed by brief stints at area universities in her hometown of Omaha, Neb.

Despite her limited formal education, Hughes, who credits publishing legend John H. Johnson as one of her mentors, worked her way up at Omaha’s KOWH radio starting in 1969 before heading to the nation’s capital to become a lecturer at Howard University. In 1975, she became general manager for the university’s radio station, WHUR-FM. By 1979, she bought her first radio station, WOL-AM in D.C., with her then-husband and founded Radio One a year later.

Those early years were rough. Hughes, who was divorced by then, slept with her son on the floor of her radio station because she couldn’t afford to live anywhere else. “My mother tried her best to talk me out of the radio business because of that,” Hughes recalls. It’s for this reason that she advises young entrepreneurs to be wary about who they divulge their challenges to — even family. “If I had listened [to my mother], I would be a government employee right now and there would be no Radio One.”

Thirty-two years later, in addition to the radio company, Hughes’ empire includes her television network TV One and several interactive ventures, including NewsOne.com and HelloBeautiful.com. Her charitable efforts include serving as a board member and the main benefactor for the Piney Woods School, a boarding school located in Piney Woods, Miss., that serves students from financially strapped families.

Bert Jacobs
Courtesy of Life is good

Courtesy of Life Is Good

Age: 46

Occupation: Co-Founder and CEO, Life is good

Advice to young entrepreneurs: “Try to shoot for a timeless business.”

You’ve probably seen the beret-wearing, smiling face of “Jake,” the Life is good logo, on the company’s tee shirts and products. Co-founders Bert Jacobs and his brother, John Jacobs, 43, started peddling their tee shirts on the streets of Boston — going door-to-door at college dorms and sleeping in their van to save money — in 1989. It would take nearly six years, however, before their shirts finally caught on with consumers, thanks to “Jake.”

The logo, which is infused with optimism, was created after a conversation about how the world was slammed with constant negativity. It became an instant hit. Now, the New England-based company has revenues in excess of $100 million, and each year more of it goes toward their charity, Life is good Kids Foundation, which helps children overcome life-threatening challenges.

In the beginning, we made every business mistake in the book,” says Bert. The brothers didn’t have a business plan or growth strategy — a formula for disaster, if you go by what’s taught in business school. Bert credits part of their success to listening to their friends and customers as informal focus groups, rather than “experts.” He advises budding entrepreneurs to: “Try to shoot for a timeless business that will work through good times and bad.”

Ali Brown
Courtesy of Ali Brown

Courtesy of Ali Brown

Age: 40

Occupation: Entrepreneur, business consultant and publisher, AliBrown.com

Advice to young entrepreneurs: “It’s important you seek out other business owners for information, advice, support and resources.”

Fed up with her dead-end job at a New York City ad agency, Brown decided to quit in 1998. Armed with her brother’s hand-me-down computer, she launched her first marketing agency, AKB Communications, from her kitchen table.

While having her own business was exciting, the uncertainty of self-employment had its challenges. Brown remembers all too well maxing out credit cards and draining her bank account to stay afloat in the early days. One night in particular, she tried to withdraw $20 from an ATM but was denied because her balance was only $18.56. Thirteen years later, thanks to her hard work and perseverance, Brown has achieved many successes: She earned her first million before the age of 35 and has appeared on ABC’s reality show “Secret Millionaire,” where she donated money to several organizations. She still actively supports three of them.

When it comes down to deciding if entrepreneurship is the right move for you, Brown says, “Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Every definition of entrepreneur I’ve found includes the word ‘risk’.” For those who are willing to take the leap of faith, she advises: “It’s important that you seek out other business owners for information, advice, support and resources. Today, would-be entrepreneurs have the Internet and social media, and it’s a great place to get started learning more about how to grow a business.”

Jill Blashack Strahan
Courtesy of Jill Blashack Strahan

Courtesy of Jill Blashack Strahan

Age: 52

Occupation: Founder and CEO, Tastefully Simple

Advice to young entrepreneurs: “Having goals is absolutely critical.”

For Strahan, starting her multimillion-dollar company, Tastefully Simple, a direct sales retailer of specialty food products, began with “a dream and a shoestring.” She grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota and later started selling gourmet food baskets, which inspired her business.

In the beginning, the entrepreneur fed her fledgling company with $6,000 of her own savings and some loans from a friend and the Small Business Administration. Strahan’s first headquarters was a 1,200-square-foot space with a concrete floor and no running water. Early orders were packed on a pool table. Today, the Tastefully Simple offices take up nearly 200,000 square feet on a 79-acre lot.

In addition to running a company that’s valued at more than $100 million, Strahan finds time to give back to the community. Tastefully Simple has donated more than $5 million to local causes, and in 2009 teamed up with Share Our Strength, a group that seeks to end childhood hunger in America. If you’re an entrepreneur with a good idea, she says to remember that there isn’t an easy road to building a profitable business: “The secret to success doesn’t involve pixie dust or a magic bullet. Having goals is absolutely critical.”

Farrah Gray
Courtesy of Farrah Gray Publishing

Courtesy of Farrah Gray Publishing

Age: 27

Occupation: Founder and CEO, Farrah Gray Publishing

Advice to young entrepreneurs: “Keep your business small . . . niche yourself.”

When most 6-year-olds were worried about what time their favorite cartoon came on TV, Gray was already an entrepreneur. He was going door-to-door in his inner-city Chicago neighborhood selling hand-painted rocks as bookends to help his ailing mother make ends meet. “I can remember being very young and my mom having a heart attack. I wondered how we were going to pay the bills and thought to myself, ‘I don’t want to be poor like this anymore,'” he recalls.

Trying to figure out a way to improve his family’s home life sparked something big: By the time he was 17, Gray had founded and operated several businesses, including Kidztel, a prepaid phone card company, and Farr-Out Foods, a food company targeting young adults, which grossed $1.5 million in sales before he sold it. At 20, his first book, “Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich Inside and Out,” was published.

Now, Gray’s focused on his latest venture, Farrah Gray Publishing, a boutique celebrity book publishing house he started in 2009, which includes titles such as “Transparent” by CNN’s Don Lemon. Gray also spends his time contributing to charitable organizations, such as the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Marrow Donor Program. For anyone considering starting a new business, he suggests keeping things small: “A lot of times we get caught up in trying to be the next Facebook or Apple. That isn’t necessary — niche yourself.”

Jesse Conners
Courtesy of FirednFabulous/YouTube

Courtesy of FirednFabulous/YouTube

Age: 28

Occupation: CEO and founder, PeppermintPark.com

Advice to young entrepreneurs: “There is constantly some fire that you have to put out . . . Don’t let it discourage you.”

Conners had an unusual childhood: When she was 9, her parents joined a cult and — believing that the world was about to end — sold all of their worldly possessions. From then until she was 18, Conners traveled across the U.S. and to Mexico with her family, following the cult’s message and searching for work along the way. As unconventional as it was, she says her upbringing spurred the independence she needed to succeed in business.

While in high school, she started doing the marketing for her father’s chiropractor practice, which eventually led to a job in real estate. At 21, she auditioned for and was cast in the first season of NBC’s “The Apprentice.” Although Conners didn’t win, her stint on national television landed her a job on the real estate speaking circuit. In 2008, she began building PeppermintPark.com, a membership-based fashion and luxury brand online retailer. The Web site has been up and running for a little over a year and has a ten-person staff.

Earlier this year, Conners’s “outside the box” approach to business helped her to surpass a $1 million net worth. In addition to running her company, she has offered charitable support to Elephant Human Relations Aid and provides resources to women who are victims of domestic abuse, according to her Web site. Conners advises budding entrepreneurs to be aware that daily obstacles are the norm, not the exception. “There is constantly some fire that you have to put out. That’s what running a business is all about,” Conners says. “Don’t let it discourage you. Try again, start again.”

Versi Forbes
Ini Daftar 40 Orang Terkaya Indonesia
| Erlangga Djumena | Kamis, 24 November 2011 | 14:17 WIB

Kamis, 29/12/2011 07:40 WIB
Milyuner Tampan dan Nyentrik Ini Tak Bahagia dengan Kemewahan
Nurul Qomariyah – detikFinance

New York – Sebagai salah satu orang terkaya di dunia, Nicolas Berggruen tentunya bisa membeli rumah manapun yang ia mau. Namun ia memilih tak memiliki rumah tinggal tetap dan terus mengembara dengan pesawat jet pribadinya dari waktu ke waktu.

Nicolas, Berggruen, orang terkaya ke-540 di dunia dengan kekayaan mencapai US$ 2,3 miliar atau sekitar Rp 20,7 triliun terus berpindah-pindah dengan hanya menenteng tas kecil berisi baju dan BlackBerry-nya. Ia berpindah-pindah mencari perusahaan-perusahaan untuk dibeli mulai dari Berlin, Bangalore hingga Brisbane.

Pria tampan yang kini berusia 50 tahun itu menghabiskan hampir sepanjang hidupnya bergerak dari satu negara ke negara lain untuk membeli perusahaan. Dalam satu dekade terakhir, pria yang memiliki dua kewarganegaraan Amerika dan Jerman itu tidak memiliki alamat tetap. Ia secara konsisten menjelajak dunia dengan pesawat jet Gulfstream IV dan tinggal di hotel bintang 5.

PERFEKSIONIS = keras meneliti rincian APA PUN secara JELI … well, gw lom nyampe ke situ sih 😛

“Jika Anda memiliki sesuatu dan jika Anda seorang perfeksionis, yakni seperti saya, Anda harus benar-benar menekuninya dan ini memerlukan energi yang sangat besar dibandingkan hal lainnya,” jelas Berggruen dalam wawancaranya dengan Bloomberg dan dikutip dari Sydney Morning Herald, Kamis (29/12/2011).

Berggruen mengatakan, hidup berhubungan dengan kemewahan berubah menjadi beban dan hal itu tidak membuatnya bahagia.

“Saya mengerti insting manusia yang ingin menciptakan sebuah tempat tinggal dan ingin memiliki sesuatu untuk dipamerkan. Tapi bagi saya secara pribadi, hal ini menjadi kurang dan kurang menarik,” tambahnya.

Atas dasar itu, pada tahun 2000 Berggruen menjual rumahnya dan menyimpan koleksi benda seninya serta membuang dan menjual sebagian barang-barang pribadinya termasuk mobil. Ia mengatakan keputusannya untuk hidup tak menentu bukan berarti untuk menghindari pajak, bahkan ia mengaku membayar pajaknya di AS.

Dengan harta dan ketampanannya, Burggruen tentu saja mudah mendapatkan perempuan idaman hatinya. Namun Burggruen tidak tertarik untuk menikah dan ia sudah menegaskan tidak tertarik memiliki anak. Meskipun dalam sejumlah kesempatan amal dan event fesyen, ia sering terlihat bersama aktris dan model seperti Gabriella Wright, seorang artis Inggris.

Berggruen juga mengaku memberikan sebagian besar kekayaannya untuk donasi. “Segala sesuatu yang saya lakukan sekarang adalah tentang menumbuhkan jambangan ini sehingga bisa memiliki yang lebih untuk diberikan,” tambahnya lagi.

Menurut data yang dikumpulkan Bloomberg, Burggruen, putra dari pialang seni kaya ini membuat trust fund senilai US$ 250.000 menjadi sebuah kerajaan bisnis bernilai US$ 2,5 miliar. Dalam 3 dekade, investor semakin kaya dengan membeli perusahaan-perusahaan kecil yang hampir mati, menghidupkan, membesarkan dan menjualnya lagi.

Ia juga meraup kekayaannya dengan ‘perusahaan cek kosong’: perusahaan luar yang go public dan menggunakan dana tunai atau saham untuk mengakuisisi bisnis yang beroperasi.

“Nicolas adalah investor yang sangat mengerti. Ia memiliki karir yang panjang dan sukses dalam membangun perusahaan dan menyegarkannya lagi,” ujar James Hauslein, investor saham yang juga mantan chairman Sunglass Hut International.

Kini, Berggruen harus bergerak lebih jauh untuk menyelamatkan Barat berubah menjadi kekacauan. Ia mengatakan, pasar saham ‘pingsan’ selama tahun 2011 akibat masalah utang di AS dan krisis utang di Eropa.

“Apa yang benar-benar Anda dapati adalah krisis tata kelola yang sangat dalam di Barat,” ujarnya.

Untuk mengurangi kelumpuhan politik yang mengancam AS dan Eropa, milyuner nyentrik ini mendonasikan US$ 100 juta untuk menciptakan Nicolas Berggruen Institute yang berkantor di Berlin, Los Angeles, New York dan Washington.

Pada awal September, institut itu digabung menjadi sebuah grup yang disebut Council for the Future of Europe. Anggotanya melibatkan mantan pemimpin negara seperti Gerhard Schroeder dari Jerman, Felipe Gonzalez dari Spanyol, mantan Komisi Eropa Jacques Delors dan mantan Perdana Menteri Ingggris Tony Blair sebagai penasihat.


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com — Meskipun kondisi perekonomian global sedang gonjang-ganjing, perekonomian Indonesia masih tetap melaju. Hal itu tecermin dari meningkatnya produk domestik bruto Indonesia hingga 70 persen dan pasar modal Indonesia juga naik 3 persen.

Hal tersebut, menurut Forbes, membantu meningkatkan total kekayaan 40 orang kaya Indonesia tahun ini hingga 19 persen menjadi 85,1 miliar dollar AS.

Gabungan total kekayaan tiga orang terkaya Indonesia, yakni Hartono bersaudara, Susilo Wonowidjojo, dan Eka Tjipta Widjaja, yang mencapai 32,5 miliar dollar AS, merepresentasikan 38 persen dari total gabungan kekayaan para miliuner Indonesia tersebut.

Berikut daftar 40 orang terkaya di Indonesia yang dirilis Forbes Rabu (23/11/2011) waktu setempat:

1. R Budi dan Michael Hartono (14 miliar dollar AS)
2. Susilo Wonowidjojo (10 miliar dollar AS)
3. Eka Tjipta Widjaja (8 miliar dollar AS)
4. Low Tuck Kwong (3,7 miliar dollar AS)
5. Anthoni Salim (3,6 miliar dollar AS)
6. Sukanto Tanoto (2,8 miliar dollar AS)
7. Martua Sitorus (2,7 miliar dollar AS)
8. Peter Sondakh (2,6 miliar dollar AS)
9. Putera Sampoerna (2,4 miliar dollar AS)
10. Achmad Hamami (2,2 miliar dollar AS)
11. Chairul Tanjung (2,1 miliar dollar AS)
12. Boenjamin Setiawan (2 miliar dollar AS)
13. Sri Prakash Lohia (1,7 miliar dollar AS)
14. Murdaya Poo (1,5 miliar dollar AS)
15. Tahir (1,4 miliar dollar AS)
16. Edwin Soeryadjaya (1,35 miliar dollar AS)
17. Kiki Barki (1,3 miliar dollar AS)
18. Garibaldi Thohir (1,3 miliar dollar AS)
19. Sjamsul Nursalim (1,22 miliar dollar AS)
20. Ciliandra Fangiono (1,210 miliar dollar AS)
21. Eddy Wiliam Katuari (1,2 miliar dollar AS)
22. Hary Tanoesoedibjo (1,19 miliar dollar AS)
23. Kartini Muljadi (1,15 miliar dollar AS)
24. TP Rachmat (1,140 miliar dollar AS)
25. Djoko Susanto (1,040 miliar dollar AS)
26. Harjo Sutanto (1 miliar dollar AS)
27. Ciputra (950 juta dollar AS)
28. Samin Tan (940 juta dollar AS)
29. Benny Subianto (900 juta dollar AS)
30. Aburizal Bakrie (890 juta dollar AS)
31. Engki Wibowo dan Jenny Quantero (810 juta dollar AS)
32. Hashim Djojohadikusumo (790 juta dollar AS)
33. Soegiarto Adikoesoemo (770 juta dollar AS)
34. Kuncoro Wibowo (730 juta dollar AS)
35. Muhammad Aksa Mahmud (710 dollar dolar AS)
36. Husain Sjojonegoro (700 juta dollar AS)
37. Sandiaga Uno (660 juta dollar AS)
38. Mochtar Riady (650 juta dollar AS)
39. Triatma Haliman (640 juta dollar AS)
40. Handojo Santosa (630 juta dolar AS)
Sumber :
Ini Dia Tujuh Miliarder yang Tersingkir dari Daftar 40 Orang Terkaya di Indonesia

Thursday, November 24, 2011, 15:37

Tujuh orang miliader Indonesia tersingkir dari persaingan sebagai 40 orang terkaya di Indonesia. Dari daftar orang-orang terkaya yang diterbitkan Forbes seperti dikutip dari laman forbes.com, Kamis (24/11/2011). Tujuh pengusaha yang tersingkir yaitu:

1. ARIFIN dan Hilmi Panigoro
Kekayaan tahun 2010: 985 juta dolar AS.
Industri: minyak
Posisi 2010: 22

Ketika masuk dalam daftar 40 orang terkaya Indonesia, Arifin dan Hilmi Panigoro tercatat berencana melepas kepemilikan saham mereka di Medco Energi International kepada Pertamina. Sayangnya upaya itu batal terlaksana karena tidak memperoleh persetujuan DPR

2. Agus Lasmono Sudwikatmono
Kekayaan tahun 2010: 845 juta dolar AS
Industri: batubara
Posisi 2010: 24

Jabatannya kala itu sebagai vice president dari perusahaan batubara Indika Energy. Agus Lasmono merupakan anak dari pengusaha kelompok usaha Salim, Sudwikatmono yang merupakan ipar dari mantan presiden Soeharto

3. Kusnan dan Rusdi Kirana
Kekayaan tahun 2010: 580 juta dolar AS
Industri: penerbangan
Posisi 2010: 34

Dua orang saudara Kusnan dan Rusdi Kirana telah mengumpulkan kekayaan beberapa puluh tahun lalu dan memutuskan mendirikan perusahaan penerbangan berbiaya murah, Lion Air. Kala itu, Lion Air dikabarkan akan menambah jumlah pesawat menjadi 137 pesawat dari sebelumnya 57 unit

4. Wiwoho Baduki Tokronegoro
Kekayaan tahun 2010: 575 juta dolar AS
Industri: batubara
Posisi 2010: 35

Putra dari seorang polisi ini menjalankan bisnis batubara lewat bendera Indika Energi yang mencatatkan saham pada 2008. Sebagian besar kariernya dihabiskan di bisnis perminyakan.

5. Eka Tjandranegara
Kekayaan tahun 2010: 525 juta dolar AS
Industri: Real estate
Posisi 2010: 38

Dimulai dengan bisnis menjual bahan-bahan bangunan dengan 3 kerabatanya, Eka Tjandranegara mendirikan kelompok bisnis Mulia yang bergerak di bidang real estate, keramik, kaca, dan bahan blogam. Dia juga tercatat memiliki saham di Hotel Mulia Jakarta.

6. Sutanto Jauhar
Kekayaan tahun 2010: 490 juta dolar AS
Industri: barang-barang konsumen
Posisi 2010: 39

7. Prajogo Pangestu
Kekayaan tahun 2010: 455 juta dolar AS
Industri: aneka bisnia
Posisi 2010: 40

Prajogo diketahui menjalankan bisnis Barito Pasific yang telah mengubah haluan bisnisnya dari kayu ke sumber daya alam dan kimia. Langkah penggabungan bisnis dari dua usahanya di bidang petrokimia membuat Prajoga memiliki perusahaan petrokimian terbesar dengan asetr 1,2 miliar dolar AS.

■ Cahaya Hakim

Still struggling

Nov 25th 2011, 14:34 by The Economist online

Women have made huge progress in the workplace, but still get lower pay and fewer top jobs than men

SINCE 1970 the proportion of women in the workforce across the rich world has increased from 48% to 64%, a sharp rise but one which nevertheless leaves women in rich countries underemployed compared with women in China. There are large variations from country to country, but the broad trend in most places is still slightly upwards. Yet while women have made big strides in all kinds of careers they find it harder than men to bag the most senior jobs. Just 3% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. And despite sheaves of equal-pay legislation, women still get paid less than men for comparable work. This week’s special report explores the reasons why progress seems to have stalled and what can be done about it.


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